Since commencing business Aurum Metals has obtained refining and waste management licenses to conduct business. One of the company’s policies is to be transparent when conducting any form of business with our suppliers and clients.

Being in the trade of precious metals we regard the abuse of human rights, its contribution to conflict, money laundering and combating terrorist financing in a serious light, Aurum Metals hereby commits itself to uphold the principles of The OECD Due Diligence Guide for the Supply Chain of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas.

 Aurum Metals policy is to purchase/source precious metals from legitimate and licensed suppliers to ensure   that the purchase of precious metals have not been associated with corruption, crime, armed conflict, misrepresentation of tax and royalty payments or human rights abuse. We continue to operate our company with honesty, integrity, and the highest level of moral standards in all aspects of our business.

The Members and staff of Aurum Metals all commit to the following principles:

    • Any forms of abuse associated with extraction, transport or trade will not be accepted nor tolerated.
    • Whilst sourcing precious metals will not tolerate nor profit from, contribute to, assist, or facilitate any form of commission to any party.
    • Support any form of torture, cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment to any person.
    • Any form of forced or compulsory labor
    • Any form of child labour
    • Any infringement on any person’s basic human rights.
    • Any form of sexual abuse
    • Not support any form of War crimes, violations of any international humanitarian laws, crimes against human genocide.
  1. Risk Management

    Any supplier or business associates  that are identified infringing or violating the above the above will immediately be redfalgged and issued with a notive of termination of business relatios with Aurum Metals.

    The company will not have business dealings with  any suppliers or non-state armed groups.

    These include but not limited to the extraction, logistical support, handling or export of minerals. This includes, procuring , payments ,equipment or  logistical assistance to non – state armed groups including their  associates who are are linked to:

    • Illegally controlling mine sites, transport routes, or any points where minerals are traded or supplied
    • Illegally impose any form of tax ,extort money or minerals from mines, including transport routes or points of trading
    • Illegallyimpose any form of tax,  extort any form of benefit from  intermediaries, export companies, or traders.

  2. Risk management with  direct or indirect support to non-state armed groups

    Should any supplier or business be identified violating  the above , they will immediately be suspended and informed accordingly that we would not be conducting any any further business with them.

    We would cease all business relationships with parties identified supporting ,direct or indirect support to public or private security forces who illegally  occupy or control mine sites, these include any transport routes or suppliers.

    We support  the role of public or private security forces at the mine sites / or surrounding areas or transportation routes pertaining to mine activities:

    • They should however be stationed to protect and maintain the rule of law.
    • Protect human rights.
    • Provide security to mine employees,equipment and facilities.
    • Provide protection to mine sites,mining and transportation routes,thus supporting the legitimate trade precious metals.

    As a company, we commit to ensuring that we or any of our suppliers conduct the appropriate due diligence when employing security personal.

    We will fully support the methods and procedures that are in place by local, central or international organizations that ensures the payment to security personnel is transparent.

    We will fully support any efforts by local authorities or international organizations that support licensed artisanal and small-scale mining.

    We commit to not offer or accept any form of bribes, thus ensuring that the following does not happen:

    • Conceal or disguise the minerals in any form or manner.
    • Misrepresent any form of taxes, relating to royalties paid to Governments, trade, handling or transport costs, and Export duties.

    We will take all steps necessary to prevent any form of money laundering

    We commit disclosing all forms of payments in accordance with EITI (Extractive Industry Transparency  Initiative) rules.

    Based on the Company’s and supply chain management policy, we commit to engaging all role players in the value chain to ensure that all above is achieved and adhered to .