Senior Management


Mr Naveen Bhayroo has in excess of 35 years of experience in both the Corporate and Business environment. He has extensive experience in corporate governance and compliance within the precious metals industry and the business world. He has 20 years of experience in the Corporate World, holding various Management and Senior Management positions and gained extensive experience in the management of people. Before exiting the corporate world he had a total of 3300 people reporting into his structure. He gains a wealth of experience building and leading multidisciplinary teams to success. His skill set asset him in good stead to lead the Aurum Metals team to attain the Company’s global vision of becoming a global leader in the precious metals industry. He has a National Diploma ( N6) from Satri College, A management diploma from WITS Business School and a Senior Management Diploma from GIBS ( Gordon Institute of Business School ).


Mr. Charnley is a qualified electrician by trade and is currently studying to complete his electrical engineering degree. He has extensive experience in operations management within the construction Industry. He also shares experience in the Corporate Banking sector spanning 5 years.


Mrs Muller has in excess of 20 years of financial experience in both the Public and Private sectors. She has more than a decade of experience in taxation and compliance gained whilst in the employment of the South African Revenue Services. Her specialised experience and understanding of the South African tax system equipped her to service the large business sector.

She gained invaluable experience whilst in the employ of SARS and was headhunted by a large corporate company in the private sector. A career spanning 6 years and steering the company to financial success. Her strong experience in the financial world both in the public and private sectors equipped her to once again be headhunted by a company specialising in the precious metals industry and gained extensive experience in the industry, both locally and internationally.

Mrs Muller was appointed as Chief Financial Officer of Aurum Metals (Pty) Ltd in 2018. She has successfully assisted in steering the company in meeting all financial compliance requirements and financial goals.