Aurum Metals decided in November 2020 to change focus from a purely trading Company to Mining and processing. The decision was based on the current opportunities that presented themselves in the mining industry in South Africa. The decision and actions were materialised in March of 2021, with the design and construction commencing in April 2021. The decision taken was to construct a fully functional CIL. (Carbon in Leach ) processing plant with two independent processing circuits.

The plant is designed as a closed-circuit system, thus optimising throughput with the least possible reaction times. Aurum Metals plant processes two independent material circuits, A dedicated line to process our material and one line for Toll Treating. Both lines have their independent Elution facility.

Thanks to new technology, an assortment of advanced equipment, and a dedicated specialised team that has spent many hours understanding and designing the plant to produce a product expected in a very competitive industry.

We have seen innovation as an enabler to our mining initiatives’ sustainability. Energy and Water conservation are at the forefront of Aurum Metals’ planning and processing design. By reducing process water requirements by almost 70% globally, we have set the pace for other players in the industry to match and compete.

Sustainable rehabilitation is of utmost importance to the group, and we pride ourselves on supporting all eco-friendly restoration of the environment. Our dedicated and highly skilled team has undertaken a vigorous process of equipment selection with many hours testing various production methods before deciding on the best possible solution. Aurum Metals laboratory is a direct replica of the plant and can do minor scale batch treatments that serve as controls in the day to day operations of the plant.

Aurum Metals have an additional site with full-scale mining rights. The site also has leaching facilities with a fully functional CIL plant. This allows the Company to embark on full-scale underground mining and the processing of tailings from the site and surrounding areas. Aurum Metals fully supports all government initiatives in driving and supporting small scale mining.

Aurum Metals fully subscribes to the BBBEE policies in the Codes of Practice and the scorecard published by the Department of Trade and Industry. We are fully supportive of current initiatives undertaken by the government to support the transformation of the industry. Mining being one of the most significant contributors to the country’s GDP, has set Aurum Metals in good standing to continuously spend time and money to improve our methods and procedures constantly, thus positively contributing to the economy.