Board of directors


Miss Zanga has held previous positions as a Director in other precious Metals Companies and has been appointed as a Director to Aurum Metals in 2018. Miss Zanga has acquired a wealth of experience within the precious metals industry and is well respected by members of the Regulative and Legislative bodies of South Africa within the precious metals industry.

Miss Zanga is fully experienced in the requirements governing the precious Metals industry both locally and Internationally. She currently also fulfils the role of CIO ( Chief Informations Officer) based on her experience in governance and compliance.


Mr Strydom has a wealth of experience in the precious metals industry, including being a Detective within the Precious Metals Investigative unit in South Africa. He gained immense knowledge of the precious metals industry both locally and globally during his 15 years being employed within this Unit. He was rated as one of the most respected detectives within the unit and gained the respect of all his peers and high levels of management. He later resigned and was headhunted by SAMCOR Refineries where he used his wealth of experience to assist the company in being successful in a very competitive environment.

Mr Strydom later explored the business world in the precious metals industry and was very successful and gained the business acumen needed to steer the business to success. During his time in business, he acquired not only business experience but experience within the mining sector as well. He is well respected within the business and mining sectors, both locally and internationally.

Mr Strydom was appointed as a Director to Aurum metals in 2018 to assist the Company in striving to achieve local and global recognition and success within the mining sector.