Discipline and Grivieance Mechanism:

Policies :

Aurum Metals believes stakeholders play important and constructive roles in the implementation of its Policy and relevant procedures. The Policy includes a commitment to establish a Grievance Procedure to enable any stakeholder to raise a grievance against any party. All grievances logged under the Grievance Procedure will be dealt with in a timely manner, and all investigations and findings will be reported.

Aurum Metals will not use corporal punishment under any circumstances, and will ensure that members of staff are not subjected to harsh or degrading treatment, sexual or physical harassment, mental, physical or verbal abuse, coercion or intimidation in any circumstances.


 Aurum Metals will clearly communicate the business’ disciplinary process, and related standards on appropriate disciplinary procedures and member of staff treatment, and apply these equally to all management and staff. Aurum Metals will provide clear grievance procedures and investigation processes. Records of member of staff and all other stake holder grievances raised, investigation processes and outcome will be maintained. Aurum Metals will ensure that all members of staff and relevant stakeholders have resources to lodge grievances in a way that will not have unwarranted results on the party lodging such grievance. Where possible, such process will be anonymous or the name of the member of staff involved will be restricted to fewer than 3 other members of staff, one of whom must be of similar seniority to the complainant. All Aurum Metals relevant stake holders (members of Staff and Suppliers) will be well informed that whistle-blowing will not result in any unwarranted action taken against the whistle-blower.

Aurum Metals will keep records of all incidents where members of staff and suppliers have been or have alleged to have been unduly punished, including any findings and corrective action plans. Aurum Metals will keep records of all incidents where members of staff and suppliers have started any grievance procedures, including any findings and corrective action plans. Any Aurum Metals member of staff found to be knowingly flouting discipline regulations will be subject to immediate disciplinary procedures.